Las Vegas Spanish School

Welcome to the Las Vegas Spanish School. We want to be your dedicated source in providing quality education in learning and teaching Spanish.

The purpose of the Las Vegas Spanish School is teaching Spanish to Las Vegas adults, as well as residents of surround areas, including Wann, Lovell, Valley, Nellis Air Force Base, Winchester, and Vegas Heights. The convenience of our online Spanish instruction model allows you to attend Spanish classes via the internet, learning from the comfort of your home at your own pace.

We also plan to use our own permanent offices to offer Spanish classes in the future. Until then, we will provide Spanish language instruction in area community and activity centers, libraries and other suitable locations.

If you’re a Spanish teacher, tutor, or translator in the Las Vegas area, would you please share your ideas about great language instruction methods that have worked well for you? You would be helping us effectively teach Las Vegas adults Spanish. Use the feedback form on the right to send us your ideas.

What stimulated your interest in taking Spanish classes in Las Vegas? How soon do you hope to become fluently bilingual? What will you achieve after becoming a Spanish speaker, using your new skills? What teaching methods will work best for you in studying Spanish? Please let us know, using the form on the right-hand side of this page.